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    Expert Advice and Support on:
    – Delegated Authorities
    – Policies
    – Implementation and Training
    – Ongoing Maintenance

  • Software to Make Your Delegations Easy

    Secure, cloud-based software makes delegated authorities Clear, Accessible and Easy.
    – all in one place
    – simple for everyone to search
    – easy to maintain
    – links decisions to policies
    – audit trail of changes

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As experts in delegated authorities, we provide more than just software

Expert advice based on years of experience

With a deep and thorough knowledge of governance, we have helped many organisations benchmark and improve their delegated authorities.   We bring this wealth of experience to the table for each and every client, ensuring that our software truly makes a difference to your organisation’s effectiveness.

Sample delegations pre-loaded

Authorities Online can be pre-loaded with sample delegations drawn from our experience with many other organisations across a range of sectors and industries.  These samples can guide the way if you don’t know where to start, or you can use them to benchmark against your own delegated authorities.  They’re also an ideal way to get a feel for the software and put it to the test.

Ongoing Support

We’ll not only train you in how to use Authorities Online, we’ll also be there to help you implement it throughout your organisation.  Once you are underway, we are on call to help out whenever you need us.

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